There’s no reason to be intimidated by the idea of by using a heatgun for products. When utilized correctly, these are a convenient tool to obtain with your designing toolbox. Allow me to share seven tips to help you get moving:

1. Choose the right heat gun. Not all heat pistols are created equal. Ensure you select one who is designed for the sort of crafting you intend to complete.

2. Browse the guidelines cautiously. Heat firearms can be dangerous if not employed correctly. Always go through and keep to the manufacturer’s recommendations before utilizing a heat gun.

3. Put on basic safety goggles. Always protect your eyes when utilizing a heat gun. The high temperature ranges can damage your eyesight.

4. Use caution when managing the gun. Never point the heat gun at yourself or anyone else. The hot air may cause severe burns if instructed at the pores and skin.

5. Have a harmless extended distance from your venture. Keep a harmless length of a minimum of six inches involving the heat gun and the task area.

6. Don’t overheat the material. Don’t support the heat gun in just one location for too much time or else you will injury the fabric you are working with. Move the heat gun forward and backward throughout the surface area to consistently disperse the heat.

7. Let it cool off before coming in contact with it! Generally allow warmed resources to cool down completely before coming in contact with them.

8. You can also make use of a heat gun in your creating approach through the use of it to dried up color or fasten. If you are employing a heat gun for this reason, you need to make certain that you happen to be utilizing a very low heat placing so you are retaining the gun at the very least 18 ” away from the undertaking.


Do not get way too near the undertaking when heating system it with all the heat gun. Otherwise, you could shed yourself.